At Broadway Official Online Masterclass, aka BOOM, we are passionate about empowering and inspiring theatre performers to hone their craft and build successful careers in the performing arts. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and high-quality theatre education, training, and audition preparation through our accessible online platform.

Our teachers are prominent professionals in the theatre world and our goal is to challenge artists to push their boundaries and refine their skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the demands of the industry.

At BOOM, we believe in the transformative power of education. We are dedicated to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and building a supportive community where performers can thrive. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our program is tailored to meet you where you are and help you reach your full potential. Join us and take the next step in your theatre career with confidence and inspiration.

BOOM Summer Intensive: Your Gateway to Broadway Spotlight!

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of performing arts with the BOOM Summer Intensive. Elevate your skills, connect with industry professionals, and culminate in a spectacular showcase. This intensive program is your key to stepping onto the Broadway stage, offering comprehensive training and a chance to shine alongside seasoned performers. Unleash your potential and make your mark in the world of theatre with BOOM Summer Intensive!

Vocal Coach Valerie Morehouse teaching stars straight from the music industry frontlines, Including Sam Smith, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus & more

Valerie Morehouse is the go-to vocal coach in the entertainment business today.

Our Mission

At Boom Broadway we bring the magic of Broadway to you. Our mission is to challenge, inspire, empower and think aspiring performers worldwide through immersive courses led by renowned Broadway professionals. Join us as we make Broadway accessible and ignite your passion for musical theatre.

Our Vision

We envision a world where aspiring performers can access the best of Broadway from anywhere. Our goal is to revolutionize performing arts education by providing a global platform that empowers and inspires artists to reach their full potential. Join us as we shape the future of Broadway training and create a vibrant community of passionate performers.

Live Classes

Engage in real-time with Broadway experts and fellow students through our immersive live classes. Get personalized feedback, ask questions, and be part of a supportive community as you refine your skills and learn from the best in the industry. Elevate your training with interactive experiences that bring the excitement of Broadway right to your screen.


  • Free Scheduled Q&A with Starts
  • Access to recordings of Live Classes
  • 10% Discount of Live Classes
  • One free live classes a month


  • Weekly Masterclasses
  • Free Scheduled Q&A with Starts
  • Access to recordings of Live Classes
  • 10% Discount of Live Classes
  • One free live classes a month

Exclusive for Members

Thayne Jasperson New Class

Thayne Jasperson teaches new class.

Lori Leshner Class

Lori has performed and choreographed in theatres all over the country. She toured nationally and internationally with West Side Story

Rachel Cohen McKenna Vocal class March

Rachel Cohen McKenna is a Broadway vocal coach, in this class she will be teaching vocal lessons

Private Lessons

Elevate your skills with personalized one-on-one private lessons led by Broadway experts. Tailored to your goals and needs, these exclusive sessions provide focused guidance to help you excel in your craft. Unleash your potential with individualized instruction from industry professionals.

What Boom Can Offer

Biggest Broadway Artists

Learn from Broadway’s best! Gain insights, techniques, and inspiration from top performers, directors, and choreographers.

Live Classes and Q&A’s

Immerse in Broadway with live classes and
interactive Q&A. Engage with expert instructors and fellow students, refining skills and receiving personalized feedback.

Member Discounts

Members get a discount on all live classes and FREE access to regular Q&A sessions.

Live Classes for Members to View

We record and publish every live class in our member’s area for members to watch and re-watch as often as they like.


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