Nyle Lynn

Nyle Lynn (Sag-Aftra, Equity) is an award-winning actress & producer who owns the award-winning film and new media production company Collaborative Media Productions currently based in New York City. Nyle has spent years on the stage performing lead and supporting roles in over fifty theatrical productions.  She then started to transition from stage to screen and she has now won multiple Best Actress awards for her film work. Nyle has been teaching acting for many years and her students have been in tons of theatrical productions and on lots of Primetime TV shows and in Blockbuster Movies! Nyle Lynn writes and directs acting reels from scratch for theatre actors who need media so that they can start to get into Film, TV, and New Media auditions. Nyle is so excited to teach you how to take all your important theatrical training and apply it to your next on-camera audition or role in her class, From STAGE TO SCREEN.


Acting on Zoom – Nyle Lynn

Acting on Zoom – Nyle Lynn

Nyle Lynn Class #4 Acting on Zoom Nyle Lynn gives some tips and some help on how to use Zoom for acting[mepr-s3-video src="boomclassvideos/NyleLynn/NyleLynnActingOnZoom.mp4"...



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