Amanda Flynn

I was lucky to go out on the road pretty quickly in the first national tour of Susan Stroman and Trevor Nunn’s Oklahoma! as the understudy to Laurey. My career took me all over the country performing in regional theatre before I landed on the west coast for a few years. I joined the Las Vegas Company of Mamma Mia as the Sophie understudy before heading to LA with the original company of the Los Angeles production of Wicked understudying Glinda.  Although I was lucky to perform in two Broadway shows, I didn’t have the easiest time vocally. I struggled with my voice while out West and was met with very little help or understanding from my peers, producers, or union. I felt a bit lost. I had trained my entire life for this career, yet I was struggling. Back in NYC, I was fortunate to find an excellent voice team who were able to get my voice back to full function. Although my performing career continued, I was inspired to begin a new journey.




I decided to embark on learning as much as I could about the voice in order to help singers sing in healthy, efficient, yet marketable ways. I wanted to keep singers from going through the frustration I went through in my performing career. I completed a Master of Music in Vocal Performance with a Musical Theatre Concentration as well as an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy, both from NYU. I also completed my Certificate of Vocology from the University of Utah and was honored with the Janet Pranschke Professional Development Scholarship presented by The New York Singing Teachers Association where I completed the Distinguished Voice Professional Program. I was also honored with the prestigious Van Lawrence Fellowship in 2019, presented by The Voice Foundation and NATS. In addition, I completed the Mount Sinai Vocology Mentorship at the Eugen Grabscheid Voice Center as well as observerships at the Sean Parker Institute for Voice and the NYU Voice Center. 




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